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Jeff Introduces Himself

Jeff Poff 390966
PO Box 351
Waupun , WI 53963

Four New Poems by Jeff Poff Start  2017

4 poems: https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/jeff-poff-poems.pdf

I'm a man in search of a ???…Well, 4-the moment only a friend.
Somebody I can talk to about life's trial, triumphs and Passions
Somebody who understand the hard knocks and life sometime bringz
A woman who can appreciate good conversation and company
From a man not a boy but a man who lovez and adores a woman's companionship,
A woman who can Relate and Feel my pain, strugglez, and constant life or death situations that a man in My position faces daily bejind this wallz unjustly.

Note from blogger: We have below substituted letters for names in Jeff's story. We have all documents proving his story and would be glad to make copies of court and police reports etc, available un- edited to those who wish to help Jeff.

HI , my name is Jeff Poff and as you can see I am Incarcerated, a victim of Diz so called system. In September 30th, 2001 while I was hanging out at home at home With my Father Jeff Thompson Curtz out in New Berlin, WI I gotta call from my girl friend (A) whom I had met just a month before when we and the mother of my two kids ( down in Florida) had separate and I ended up moving to Milwaukee with her.

Around 10:30 I got a call from (A) claiming that while she was hanging out on the South Side Of Milwaukee at her girlfriends house , a dude by the name of (C) had pistol whooped her and had threatened to kill her whenever he tried to seduce her and she declined.

I must admit that I could care less weather or not (A)'s accusations at the time were in fact true had specifically since I had Warned her personally earlier in the day not to go back to the South Side anymore!

But do to the fact that (A) had another lover in her life and was constantly getting "high" I decided to say fuckit and let her go so I could get my shit together and go back home down to Florida with my girl and kids.

Ms (A) mostive called at least 3 or 4 different times that night telling me the same story over and over before she decided to put this kid that I Knew from the hood named (D) on the phone who then proceeded to tell me how he had begged this chump (C) 4- ms (A)’s life and that I should really consider letting her cum home before this individual came back and killed her.

Now a whore or should I say a “putana “ iz a whore no matter what language you may try to put it or say it, but a whore born the daughter of a (Mob bozz) you NEVER want to treat as such otherwise you’ll pay the ultimate price believe me I know my only wordz to (A) that night were “Get your azz home now.”

Later (A)finally decided to show up at my father’s house all drunk and high, getting loud and stupid untill my father got so fucking pist off he ended up kicking the both of us out.

Around 3 or 3:30 a.m. me and (A)arrived at the South Side of Milwaukee now on the hunt -4-this (C) carractor who I was already aquiented with very well do to past bad history between me and most of his guys including (3guys), whom had both “set me up” back in early 2000 with two different homicide cases that they had committed then told the police that I was the one who had done it, luckily enough I ended up beating both cases.

This had come about after I arrived in Milwaukee in 2000 and had threatened to kill (e) so called leader and co-founder of the Latin King Nation in Milwaukee in the early 70’s when he became a well known “fed Snitch” that raped my Father’s 4-year –old little girl along with some F.B.I. agents (names deleted)

Anyway, early in September 2001, I had given (E) a Final Ultimatum to either testfy against the Fedz 4-the sins that they had committed or die 4 his own. He decided to take one last shot at me with his guyz and the F.B.I. and tryied taking me out the game, but instead of waiting around 4 –them to cum to me I decided to bring the drama to them like I ALWAYZ did from day one. I arrived at the scene in Jan 2000.

After we got some food at one of the restaurants in the hood on 16th /Cesar Chavez we went to a gaz station on 6th /Lapham to buy (A)'s cat some cat food where we ended up running into a well known prostitute named (F) who after I had explained to her what (C) had done to (A) she suggested that we give her a ride to see if she could take us to where this chump might be at.

After driving throu a couple of spots where C miteve been hanging out at including where A had been earlier in the night .We ended up dropping F at 8th /Greenfield where she said she had to turn a “trick”, me and A then went to G on 14th /Mitchell where I personally had seen Hugo hanging out at selling dope, after we arrived there and explained to G what was going on she then suggested that I hang around and Cool off untill she could talk to C herself.

Then as soon as we sat down to eat our food some girl had come in with some older Mexican dude that drove a black chevy low rider truck talking about they had just copped some (rocks) from Hugo about 5 Minutes ago at B's

I didn’t even say a word to them I just told A “lets go” and got into the jeep with no pistol on me or anything else to defend myself with. As soon as I pulled upon the scene and parked next to B house next to a red Buick that I know belonged to another gang banger that lived on the scene and associated with my enemiez. I saw C and a (G)16 year old “ enforcer” 4- the Kings who later became another fed snitch both robbing a Mexican male at gun point in the middle of the yard that faced at least 3 or 4 different houses in the alleyway on 14th and Greenfield which later became a murder scene.

What happened next happened so fast that sometimez I wake upin the middle of the night still thinking that maybe all this is just a bad dream.

I remember getting out of the jeep and seeing this Mexican male on his knees with his hands on top of his head while (G) held a black semi automatic to the man’s head over his hands while Hugo went through the man’s pockets.

At 1st I thought no big deal just another dope fiend getting robbed out of his money like I had seen done a thousand times allready by this same individuals, aint no body gonna get hurt just the – that I’m about to whoop 4 disrespecting the woman I was dating.

But then as I started to get closer yelling at this –(C) to cum hollar at me in “spanol” the man that was getting robbed all of a sudden “got up” and tried to make a run 4-it . G gun then flashed once shooting the man in the head as he fell to the ground screaming like a wounded animal.

Sometimes I blame myself for the death of this innocent man. Sometimez I even wonder if getting blamed 4-this man’s death by those who killed him and the woman I tried to defend that night wasn’t my destiny all along? Anyway I know that I should’ve called the police and reported what I saw but with 2 other homicide cases on my back allready that I knew I didn’t commit, calling the copz that night seemed to be the worst decision I could’ve made all my life.

That night after the shooting I knew that I had been seen by the others arriving and leaving the scene of the crime including (list), all this individuals instead of telling the truth chose to lie and implicate me in this matter and set free those who commited the crime.

I expected do to the fact that I was an oursider” cuming into a neighborhood going against the grain, but that I didn’t expect was 4-the woman I had allowed in my life and cum to defend to put the final nail in my coffin.
My name is Blaze and this is my story.

Wordz to Live by
If it’s got to be
Then it’s up to me
So powerfull a Revelation in such a simple and yet
Painfully obvious Truth.
A god iz not cuming to “save me “ or make Right the
Wrongz of others , good iz not about to spring frum
bad nor vurtue from evil and the only thing that will
happen to those who treat me cruelly iz that they’ll
“Prosper” upon my “misery.” Diz are the TRUE lessons
Of life
! A Revolution iz here the Revolution iz NOW!
Do Something to sustain it
Stand up 4- something or die!
Begin by writing a letter to the governor and
Understand my protest, then hold a fast and get
all those letters mailed to the governor , media
Radio , etc. and find a NON violent way to make the set me free.
Stop buying into the “propaganda” that my cause is worthless and that my life is over, that I’m worthless and that they’ve the right to control me and ruin inocent lives and dreams!
Stop cowering down before Diz “paper tigers” and giant shadows cast by imperious Runts.
Abandon your fears and be driven by
The simple truth!
If it’s got to be
Then it’s up to me

Blood of a Slave
Hart of a King

A True Story

I was concieved in sin
Cursed since birth
The only thing that I’m sure about life are the
Constant striuggles that I’ve with my “demons” and
The way I hurt so deeply in my Soul
The good word calls it a “generational curse”
All my ancestors were either King pens , drug
Lordz or whores, now it’s up to me to break
Diz evil circle or my little girl iz the one
who’s gona get hurt!
Oh Lord have mercy on me and teach me thy
Wayz, give me the strength to be “humble”
And please please don’t let me live like Diz
When I reach the grave.

Wordsz from a Fallen angel
Dedicated to my little girl

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