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July 8, 2010
Jeff Poff #390966
Waupun Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963-0351 '
RE: Your case

Dear Mr. Poff,
In reviewing your case I find it very hard to believe that you were convicted on the basis of the evidence presented at your trial. The following is a list of the discrepant, inconsistent testimony of Heather Mae Colandrea.
1. Heather testified several times in the trial that she heard 2 shots fired by the accused, yet only 1 bullet casing was found at the scene. Additionally, the medical examiner found only 1 bullet that first entered the right hand and then apparently passed through the head. The position of the hand of the victim was undoubtedly at his head to protect him from the path of the BULLET, which impacted in both the hand and the head. This suggests it was a single shot.
2. The above single shot had to occur at a distance of inches to 1 foot since gunshot residue was found on the right hand. Yet Heather testified falsely that the shooting was at a distance of 1 5-20 feet away, a distance where no gunshot residue would be found. Since both shots were fired, according to Heather, at less than 1 second apart (testimony) this would also leave gunshot residue on the head - if indeed 2 shots were fired.

The autopsy Doctor Rebecca Hsu, the medical examiner, stated that the wound she saw in the hand was a "CONTACT WOUND."
In conclusion it is my opinion that the victim was shot once only at a distance of
inches to one foot - not at the distance of 15-23' as stated by Heather Colandrea.

Yours truly,
Kenneth A. Siegesmund, Ph.D. 17825 Primrose Lane Brookfield, WI 53045

according to him, but then he goes on to say, but there was only one casing found. So what is she supposed to be lying about? That the guy was shot twice? There are two holes in him.
So even if a second casing isn't found , the fact of the matter is unless for some reason he had his hand on his head and there is only one bullet that shot Through his hand and then through his head.I guess it would be important to take into consideration. When Mr. Poff decides he is not going to tell the truth, he is really bad at not telling the truth.

It is one thing for him to say that Heather Colandrea is a liar about him being the person who shot this man twice, but the fact is the man was shot twice. So what is the point? That Heather Colandrea picked up the second casing? What for? The man had two holes in him.
Nothing was tested for gun powder,he says. So what? The man had a hole in his head and in his hand. No one is calling this a suicide, and he was the only one there to be tested. I suppose he was the only one who remained. So two days later when this defendant is picked up, what are they supposed to do?

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